Introduction of BRAC Group

WTP's Government Contracts group hosts this blog on BRAC developments in Maryland and Virginia. To read more about our Government Contracts practice and BRAC experience, visit our web site.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where Everyone Lives

This is where the Maryland BRAC-related job holders live.

- Brad Aaron

It's Over and Where We Go from Here

Well, today is the official end of BRAC 2005 and Maryland, while continuing to face many challenges from the consolidation, was an overall winner, gaining jobs (and a lot more traffic).

While we will continue to follow the repercussions of BRAC as they arise, shortly this blog will move to a more government contracts focus - stay tuned for details.

- Brad Aaron

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ominous News for the Mark Center

The Mark Center - which has been an ongoing source of controversy due to the projected inability of the surrounding transportation network to handle the additional BRAC traffic - is now the subject of a disturbing report regarding its security.

- Brad Aaron

Winding Down in APG

Harford County has its last BRAC town hall meeting.

- Brad Aaron

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Somebody forgot to figure out if the power source for the $780m expansion of the National Naval Center in Bethesda is adequate to support the expansion. Turns out it is not.

- Brad Aaron

BRAC "Huge Challenge" in Virginia

Congressman notes inadequate traffic improvements in response to BRAC-related moves in Virginia.

- Brad Aaron

APG BRAC: 10,000 jobs short

BRAC's anticipated job impact in the Aberdeen area is turning out not to be quite as strong as originally expected.

- Brad Aaron